2007-2014 General Motors 2500/3500 Trimming Instructions

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GM 2007-2014 Trimming Instructions


Notice: Before you start make sure to read the instructions fully and understand the process. This procedure
may/will void warranties and should be preformed be a professional. Curtis Custom Wheel is in no way
responsible for anything as the result from following this guide. These instructions are meant to guide you
through the process of troubleshooting your tire fitment issue.

1. Remove the lower grommets and screws.

2. Pull up the fender liner so it is out of the way.

3. Push and zap strap the emergence brake cable out of the way by pushing it more toward the
engine and strapping in to the frame.

4. Mask off the cutting area.
5. Cut off just on the inside of the masked area.
This is what the piece you cut out should look like
6. Put lower bold back in then zap strap from the first hole of the fender

7. Now cut up 6 inches on front part of the fender liner and you're done.


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